Installing Solar Security Lights

There are numerous benefits of solar security lights and reasons as to why you should use them. The most obvious is because of the safety that they provide to your home. The installation process is another such benefit because it is simple and you do not have to hassle with a number of wires. When installing these lights you need to know how to position the light as well as the solar panel so that it receives the most amount of sunlight throughout the entire day.

  • The very first thing you need to do before you can begin the installation process is to know what type of lights you need. Look at the selection of lights at your local Lowes or Home Depot. Consider where you wish them to be placed and how many you need for the size home you have. Also consider what features it should have. For example, most people prefer the motion sensor lights that will turn on and off automatically when someone or something passes near it.
  • The area in which the light will be mounted must be smooth and as flat as possible. This will help to keep it secure and to keep most of the beam of light on the ground and around the home.
  • After you have chosen the spot for the light you must choose a spot for the solar panel. You want the panel to face south so that it will receive the most amount of light to charge the batteries throughout the whole day. It is best to look at various spots throughout the day to find the one that is best.
  • There will be a wire that will connect the panel to the light. You will have to measure the wire to see how long it will stretch. Secure the wire so that it cannot become easily disconnected during a storm or when it is windy.
  • Have someone who can help you when mounting the solar light. Use an automatic drill to secure the light to the side of the house and adjust the light so that it is shining in the right spot. If you want more light in that area purchase another light and mount it beside the other one.