Solar Motion Security Lights

Every home comes with its own set of security lights that you do not have to install yourself. Many of us consider the light on the front and back porch a simple thing – but it works to let us know who might be standing there and make it easy for us to get in our homes quickly. Unfortunately these lights are not enough to keep the rest of the home safe.

Investing in security lights is important and they can be placed anywhere you think there is a vulnerability around the home. Most will place them on the side of the house or in the back where they can shine on a larger area. There are many different types of solar security lights that you are able to choose from. These will vary depending on what type of lights they use, how bright they are, and what features they come with.

One of the most popular choice is the solar motion security lights. These use a set of LED lights that are powered by a battery pack – which is in turn charged by a solar panel. It uses motion sensor technology to turn itself on immediately when a person or animal comes within a few feet of it.

The sensor is designed to only work at night so that it will preserve the battery life. When someone comes into the sensor range it will immediately turn on and will remain on as long as the person is within the detection area. After the person is beyond this area it will remain on between sixty to ninety seconds.

One of the biggest reasons that people will use these types of lights is because they do not have to remember to turn them on and off. A set of motion sensor solar lights comes with a light, a solar panel, and a wire to connect the panel to the light. It will cost you between $25 to $100. This price will vary depending on what brand you purchase and how powerful the light is.